Why Do You Need A 1-2-3 Look In Your Closet?

February 17, 2019

Why Do You Need A 1-2-3 Look In Your Closet?

It's pretty simple – us moms have no time these days to shop from store to store for new seasonal clothing. And trying to piece together a perfect outfit? Sometimes putting together outfits is just as painful as going to the mall with kids in tow.

But, wouldn't it be nice to not have to shop rack-to-rack piecing together your outfits? Looking for the perfect necklace to wear with that cute t-shirt dress you just scored. Or loving a pair of pants but not being able to find the perfect top,  so your new pants sit in your closet forever and never get worn. We get it!

So we took that process and made it simple - with our exclusive 1-2-3 Looks! Since their launch, our 1-2-3 Looks have been a hit with moms just like you. From the convenience, the ease of the experience, and the fact that there are no surprises when they open their shipment, they're great for busy moms!

Plus, it's commitment free!

You may be wondering, what is a 1-2-3 Look?
A 1-2-3 Look is a curated outfit put together on a seasonal basis. They are complete outfits that can be worn on their own, or used as the base for building a capsule wardrobe and paired with other 1-2-3 Looks and Capsule Builders.
For example, a 1-2-3 Look might include:
• a shirt, a pair of pants, and a hat 
– or –
• 2 tops (ie: a t-shirt and a cardigan, or a blouse and a layering camisole) and a scarf
– or –
• a dress, a bralette, and a necklace


We spend hours piecing looks together and researching outfits that every mom should add into her existing wardrobe for the season. Imagine shopping for new clothes and ALWAYS getting complete, curated outfits. Not only is the look complete, but you can take those three pieces and seamlessly roll them into your closet to make more even looks with pieces you already own. 

We put together looks for every style – from bohemian to sporty, dressy to casual, modern to classic – we hand-pick pieces to suit most shapes and styles!

Now's the time to jump on board to make your life a little more simple mama! Shop online in the comfort of your home to find the perfect 1-2-3 looks for you. Minimize your time spent shopping and maximize the versatility of the pieces in your wardrobe, and best of all, reduce the excess clothing in your closet...which means less laundry and we can all celebrate that!

Rock on Mama, You're Beautiful!
Megan and Shannan

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