Minimize Your Mom Closet!

December 12, 2016

Minimize Your Mom Closet!

Do you feel like your closet needs a little bit of a cleaning? Do you have clothes you don't wear?

Here's why you need to clean out your mom closet....

The minute you become pregnant, you start to collect and purge. The baby items pile up in your house; toys are scattered all over the floor, and bottles are stacked on your kitchen counters. 

Your closet feels the pain once the baby is here. You throw clothes in it daily, buy clothes that fit you after baby. Maternity clothes in plastic bags and pre-baby clothes hung up and never worn.

We neglect our closet and shut the doors at all cost. It's a pit that never gets cleaned. We pretend we are going places and that we have a ton of "stuff" makes us feel better.

BUT and yes that's a big but. We need to do a closet cleanse. Take out the old and come to grips with that our life isn't dancing until 2 am in a short mini skirt. Throw out the old clothes you wore when you were younger.

The mid drift tops you wore out with your girlfriends for happy hour 5 years ago. Hate to break the news to you mama, but those shirts are ready to be passed down and out of your closet.

We need to wake up and take out the clothes that are consuming our life and remember who we are, what we do, and the realization on what we "actually wear" in our everyday.

Here's the BEST part! Once you cleanse your closet, you will be cleansing yourself.

I'm serious. Do it, trust us this feeling will come over you.

You will shed 10 pounds of life, and you will be able to not only walk in your closet but be who you are today.

Your closet is a statement of you. You don't have time to shuffle through clothes, and pull things out and try on and think "maybe I will wear this."

You need fast, reliable, and practical clothing. So that's where your clothing capsule comes into play.

Imagine only 20 + clothes in your closet on rotation.

Easy peasy and less time stressing every morning and all those clothes are the reality of who YOU are today. You are a mom that runs around and not only do you want comfort but you want to feel good and look good for you.

So let's start cleaning mama's, and then we can talk about what you need to do to fill those closets up with clothes that YOU WILL wear!

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