"Rock What Your Mama Gave Ya" Graphic Tee is here!!

November 01, 2018

"Rock What Your Mama Gave Ya"  Graphic Tee is here!!

Mamas, it's finally here...our very own graphic tee!  

From the very beginning we wanted to not only simplify the shopping experience for all moms, but also empower moms to feel confident in their new, ever-changing bodies. From the extra pounds that aren't melting off to the stretch marks in new places, the body parts that have moved and aren't in the same spot they used to be – we get it!  We're right there with you. Our goal is, and always has been, to make you feel beautiful no matter what size you are.

We’re here to help you embrace the body you are in NOW! Feel beautiful, recognize your power, acknowledge your strength, and welcome the place you’re in at this moment….wherever that is.

So with this belief, we wanted to create a line of graphic tees that expressed this very message. We toyed around with sayings for days and then we did it; we found a saying that we felt expressed everything we have wanted to shout from the rooftops to all of you, everyday. At the end of every email we send, on our product tags, on postcards we include in your shipments, and on every sign we have at parties, we say "Rock on Mama, You're Beautiful". It only seemed fitting to launch this project with that same message in mind…."Rock What Your Mama Gave Ya".

Once we had our message, we tried on a load of t-shirts to find the right fit and we sought out to provide a wider variety sizes ranging from Small to XXL.

This has been an all hands on deck project and one the most rewarding parts is that we were able to stay local and used vendors based in Ventura, CA to make this project a reality.

Going into this, we immediately knew who we needed to help us get this message across. We were beyond excited when Heather from Brown and Co Designs was on board. She was the BEST to work with, instantly understood our vision, and brought it to life in hand lettering our "Rock What Your Mama Gave Ya" graphic. We couldn't be more thrilled to have her stamp on this project.

Next up, was to find a printer. After doing some research and getting in touch with some local printers, we found Matt at Surfside Prints. He and his team were endlessly professional and patient with us while we tried to find the perfect tee! Once we selected our shirt, he processed our printing in record time.

Now that it’s here, we are so proud and excited to see all of you rocking this t-shirt and spreading the message of loving yourself NOW!

How can you be the first to get your hands on one? Click here and shop now!

Rock on Mama, You're Beautiful!
XO, Megan & Shannan

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