How to Winterize Your Summer & Spring Rompers

January 25, 2019

How to Winterize Your Summer & Spring Rompers

If you are anything like me you have multiple rompers for the ease, comfort and simplicity of them. In the winter I miss that comfort so I put together 3 simple things you can do to make your rompers perfect for winter. My methods are simple: under, over, and bottom. You can also do all three!

  1. Under: This ones easy. Simply add a short sleeve or long sleeve shirt under your favorite romper depending on the temperature. 
  2. Over: Add a cardigan, duster, vest or button down shirt over the romper.
  3. Bottom: Put tights or knee high socks under your romper for added warmth. Also be sure to wear booties or your favorite pair of high boots to finish off your winter romper look.

Like always be sure to finish your look with accessories like a warm scarf, necklace or bracelet you love!


Here I am wearing a long sleeve plain white t-shirt under a denim blue cotton romper. I threw our super warm vest on top and paired this look with brown booties.

For this look I simply threw on our long, leopard cardigan with brown booties.

Here I did it all! I have on a 3/4 sleeve plain black tshirt with a buffalo flannel over. I also put on a pair of black knee high socks with black booties.


For this look I am wearing a short sleeve grey tshirt with a super soft scarf and knee high boots.

For my final look I paired knee high boots with a plain black duster over this super cute striped shorts romper.

Rock on Mama, You're Beautiful!


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