8 Ways To Help You Dress In The Morning!

January 23, 2017

8 Ways To Help You Dress In The Morning!

Let's be real here; we don't have hours on hours to shop in a cute boutique.When the kids go to bed we hit the computer in piece and quite. We barely can shove our cereal in our mouth every morning and down our cold coffee hours after it's been brewed.

But this day in age we have to keep up with the Joneses or least we feel like we have to. Yes, we have the given right to wear and do what we want, but we all have this little piece of us that wants and needs to feel good.

Feeling good doesn't happen every day, and most days we all throw on the yoga pants and shop at the grocery store with our Ugg boots on. First thing is first; comfort, second look; appropriate, and the third; feel good inside.

So why jump back to the basics? Why clean out the old mini skirts and crop tops?

Because whether you like it or not time is not on your side mama. Every minute in the morning counts. So don't make the dressing in the morning harder than it needs to be.

So let's get started:

1.Throw EVERYTHING OUT that you have not worn in the last six months. That is the hardest part of this process. Trust me; I had a hard time giving up my old pencil skirts and blazers I used to wear to my corporate job. But I had to talk to myself and realize that I work at home and I barely have anywhere to wear those pieces.

Be honest with yourself, and free yourself of past items that you hold onto for memories. "Cleanse the closet so you can cleanse your soul."

2. Give your stuff to a friend, family member, or even a person in need. I give all of my stuff to my cleaning lady. She recently divorced and had two kids and shopping for her isn't in her budget. So when I hand her a bag of clothes and she is beaming. Those clothes mean nothing to me. That smile wiped away my fears of dumping it all.

3. Now you can see what's left and its time to add a few basics to the rest of the wardrobe.

4. Buy pieces that you can pair with your closet, new findings, and will stretch into another season. Get your money's worth. That hot pink number isn't going to fly in the coming months. Probably will be on your next throw out session.

5. Find basics that you can layer, throw on with jeans or leggings, and you can dress up or dress down. You don't need to have pieces for both. 

6. Accessorize is my favorite part. Throw on a basic black shirt with jeans and layer with your favorite statement necklace....wha-la you have an outfit. Next day throw on the same outfit and a cardigan and put your earrings on. Different outfit same clothes.

7. Mix and match. Buy clothes for that season that are in the same family. Meaning you can switch and swap or mix and match. Get a ton of looks with fewer pieces.

8. Last but not least, feel good about you. Build your style wardrobe off of who you are as a mother not who everyone else is around you.

Start cleaning mama's and shop to fill in the empty spaces in your new wardrobe!

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