10 Mom Trends For Fall 2017

September 16, 2017

10 Mom Trends For Fall 2017

If I asked you what is in style right now for Fall 2017, would you know? Or is your brain on what to get on your next grocery run, and who has soccer practice at 5pm on Tuesday. I get it, life has changed and just sitting down reading a magazine isn't in the cards for you. I just happened to be reading the latest People magazine on the plane the other day. I was flipping through the pages and realized it had been years not months since I had browsed a magazine in silence and read articles rather than viewing pictures.

Here's a little peek into our life when we shopped for the latest capsule. Of course, we want to bring you the latest and greatest of the season, but it has to make sense. We are mothers, not models walking down the New York runway. The clothes have to fit many body types, be functional, and comfortable....am I right?

So trends are all good, but some trends we throw out the door!

So here's our 10 mom trends for Fall 2017 that we obeyed and fit into a mother's closet.


Some of us don't live in New York where Fall does happen. The temperature gets down to 65 here, and we are throwing on our sweater and jeans. Cold barely happens but us warm-blooded mothers need to look cute, and pretend it's Fall! So we decided to bring back our denim vest because during the 65-degree weather you can wear a t-shirt, pants, and throw on that vest. Then when it's a little colder, you know 60 degrees now we can have our chunky sweater over our t-shirt, or wear the cute denim jacket! Sweater it up, for those cooler months! We got you covered!


Bell sleeves are HUGE this Fall. You must have at least one in your capsule! We have a few options, to throw your way. Whether it's black, white, or black and white, we think you may want to have all three. Can't go wrong with a basic shirt with a flair at the end of the sleeve.


Yes, this used to be not a good idea. But, it's back this Fall. It's ok to wear the denim vest or jacket with your jeans. If you can't go there, then wear our Jayme charcoal skinny jeans with the jean jacket or vest...ease your way into it!


It's all the rage this Fall---chunky sweaters are a thing this season! We have a couple of options, and both would look great in your everyday mom life. Whether you're at work or home, this will bring you comfort and style all rolled into one!


Big sleeves are in---- even when you're a mom. We didn't bring to many in the capsule because I know they are not the common lifestyle option. But we had to throw one in because you are going out without the kids. Check out this cute top; you can rock this at girls night out or date night!


You just can't have enough jeans. We added two more options to our denim collection this season. No holes this Fall, we wanted to give you a more classic look. Bring a ultra-dark wash pair with asymmetric hem or high waist dark denim into your wardrobe. Casual days to work or going to an event----these jeans will have you covered. 


Have you noticed everyone is tying up their t-shirts? We have been doing it, and it gives that big shirt a more fitted look. For instance, our Marina shirt is intended to be very long and worn with skinny jeans. But, you could tie knots on both sides or just one side for a different look. Check out our lookbook for even more style inspiration.


For years, this is how I dressed. Wear a simple shirt, jeans, and throw on a killer necklace. It adds style, and it's the easiest look to pull off. We do home parties, did you know? At the parties, if you spend over $100 you receive a complimentary accessory. We are all about spicing up the looks in your capsule, and all you need is a few necklaces a couple of bracelets to add into your capsule. Email us if you're interested in hosting a party and we can help build your next seasonal capsule!


More than half of us are cheering our kids on most weekends. You must own a raglan. It's just the cutest look, even on an everyday mom life look. Our raglan is nothing like one in your closet because they made it with a bell sleeve. 


You must have those basic t-shirts in your everyday closet. Some days it's all about the white classic t-shirt and jeans. Or a long shirt over a basic pair of black leggings. Basics are great under layering sweaters and jackets, and let's be honest we go through basics every season! Check out our basics section to grab a few things to pair with your Fall Capsule!

So there it is--- our 10 mom trends for Fall 2017. If you ever have questions on sizing, style, or building looks in your Fall Capsule, please don't hesitate to comment on this post, post a question in our private Facebook group "The Mom Capsule Insiders", or email us (themomcapsule@gmail.com)



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